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Senin, 19 November 2012

10 Best @LambofGodBand Songs - via @Loudwire

Lamb of God
Epic Records
The best Lamb of God songs are powered by their potent deep grooves. Not since Pantera, their fellow Southerners, has a band focused so much on power grooves. Those are what give a song depth and catchiness, not to mention muscle. Power grooves and supreme guitar prowess are certainly the hallmarks of this Virginia band's sound, as are the gritty, venomous vocals of frontman Randy Blythe. For all the fury present in LOG's sound, there's also an intelligence and attention to detail when it comes to the art of songcraft. Plus, you walk away remembering the melodies. The band formerly known as Burn the Priest has released six studio albums under the LOG moniker and they are as consistent as they are brutal. We have sifted through the band's entire cataLOG and have selected our picks for the 10 Best Lamb of God Songs.
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