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Senin, 19 November 2012

10 Catchiest Metal Songs - via @Loudwire

Rob Halford / Ozzy Osbourne / Angus Young
Frazer Harrison / Jeff Gross / Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
When you think of heavy metal songs, the first words that come to your mind might be 'intense,' 'powerful' and in some cases, 'demonic.' But one word that may not pop in your head right away is 'catchy.' Metal music has not always been at the forefront of commercial culture, but just think about how many iconic metal tracks have turned up in television ads over the last few years. Not to mention, how many times do you hear metal songs used at sporting events to pump up a crowd? You're probably already conjuring up guitar licks from Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, and Kirk Hammett in your heads. And why do those riffs so easily come to mind? Because they're catchy, that's why! So that got us thinking about the most infectious songs in metal history — and they have to rock, no ballads here. So get ready to sing along, as we bring you the 10 Catchiest Metal Songs.
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