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Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

10 Best @Metallica Drum Tracks

Lars Ulrich - Metallica
Chuck Armstrong, Loudwire
We've counted down Metallica's best songs, highlighted Kirk Hammett's best guitar solos and have listed the late Cliff Burton's most memorable bass lines. But now it's time to give the drummer his due — that's right, we're celebrating the work of the one and only Lars Ulrich. Without Ulrich, Metallica would have never been created. Without him, Metallica would have never gotten their first song, 'Hit the Lights,' on Metal Blade Records' first compilation, 'Metal Massacre.' While he may make headlines for helping to take down Napster or having a ridiculously expensive art collection, Ulrich's contributions to Metallica are what have made him a true metal legend. It's that foundation of rhythm that serves as the backbone of Metallica's signature sound, and in Ulrich's honor, we give you our choices for the 10 Best Metallica Drum Tracks:
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